Bethlehem Retreat Centre, Nanaimo, BC. Grof® Breathwork Retreat, for The Way of the Psychonaut Part A and B. April 5-9, 2024

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This retreat is the experiential companion to the web-based ‘Way of the Psychonaut’ foundational courses for certificates in breathwork and psychedelic psychotherapy. It is also for individuals interested in inner exploration. These retreats are also useful for those who have a holotropic breathwork requirement from another training program such as CIIS or MAPS. Grof® Certified Trainers are professionals with decades of experience with breathwork and other entheogens. Participants will experience two sessions as a breather and two sessions sitting for another persons breathwork session. The fee covers meals, accommodation, teaching, and breathwork sessions. The participant is responsible for transportation to and from the retreat location.

Retreat objectives: 

• Through use of Grof® Breathwork, experience and integrate non-ordinary experiences to build a more solid foundation for your personal growth and development and a foundation for practice 

• Develop a sophisticated understanding of the unfolding of the psyche towards wholeness 

• Come to trust your “inner healer” to guide you and those you assist to extraordinary experiences 

• Come away with key principles for safely navigating these new realms 

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