Grof®Bodywork Module-2023. On-line portion Oct 24 and Nov 7. Retreat portion will be Nov 15-19 Nanaimo

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The process of intensifying tensions and consequent relaxation tends to move from one part of the body to another in a way that varies from person to person in holotropic states. The number of muscle tensions and intense emotions associated with them decreases with the number of sessions. Psychedelics and Grof® Breathwork changes the body’s chemistry in such a way that blocked physical and emotional energies associated with different traumatic memories are released and put at our disposal to be processed and discharged peripherally. This allows the previously repressed content of such memories to emerge into consciousness and thus can be integrated. It is a healing process that we want to encourage and support, and not a pathological process that must be suppressed, as it is normally done in conventional medicine. In holotropic states the process usually takes us from the psyche to the body. It may facilitate the resolution of unresolved somatic and emotional problems. By working effectively with them, in a brief time, we may reach a fuller and more grounded integration.This module includes the practice of body work in transpersonal therapy with expanded states of consciousness, the psychodynamic understandings that guides it and the precise way it is used in holotropic therapy applying different techniques, when indicated.