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In holotropic breathwork and in psychedelic therapy, the expanding effect of consciousness is enhanced by the use of evocative music. Instrumental music and other forms of sound technology – monotonous percussion, vibrations and singing – have been used over the centuries, or even millennia, as primary tools in shamanic practice, healing rituals and rites of passage in many parts of the world. Independently, many pre-industrial cultures have developed percussion rhythms that in experiments conducted in research laboratories have demonstrated significant effects on the electrical activity of the brain.

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the historical importance of music as a healing and learning modality, and more specifically, its use in holotropic practices (with holotropic breathwork and psychedelics)
  • Learn how to curate a music program supporting holotropic states of consciousness
  • Learn how to create an ideal environment for a music session
  • Learn about technological tools relevant for session music
  • Create a one-hour segment for a holotropic breathwork session and move towards the creation of a full HB music set.