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The Ethics of Working with People in Holotropic States of Consciousness. Starting July 4, 2023. Online portion only. The retreat for this course will be at Corbett Lake Aug 16-21, 2024

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This is an online combined with an in-person experiential retreat module. The online portion is 6 sessions with one 2 hour session every 2 weeks and includes readings, videos, role playing, group zoom classes, and quizzes. We will be using and discussing various professional guidelines from professional licensing authorities and jurisdictions, discussing particular cases of ethical violations with and without psychedelics. We will also go over recommendations that have been published in the professional literature on this special area of psychedelics and ethics. There will also be an in person experiential component that will use holotropic methods, at Corbett Lake, BC. The cost of the online part of the course is $695.00 and the cost of the retreat is $1,500.00. Please purchase separately in case you need to do the retreat at a later date.