Five Oaks Grof® Breathwork Retreat Oct. 18-22, 2023 (Near Hamilton, Ont.) This is the experiential retreat portion for the Way of the Psychonaut Part A and B



Wed Oct 18- Sun Oct 22

Five Oaks Centre, ONTARIO

As a not-for-profit society GLT Canada is committed to affordable training. This retreat is the experiential companion to the web-based ‘Way of the Psychonaut’ foundational courses for certificates in breathwork and psychedelic psychotherapy. These retreats are also useful for those who have a holotropic breathwork requirement from another training program such as CIIS or MAPS. Grof certified trainers are professionals with decades of experience with breathwork and other entheogens. This retreat is also intended for participants who are not in training programs but are interested in Grof Breatwork for personal exploration. Participants will experience two sessions as a breather and two sessions sitting for another persons breathwork session$1300 including tax, meals, shared accommodation


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