The Way of the Psychonaut Part A (Next cohort start date is Sept 5, 2023)


The Way of the Psychonaut Part A is the first part of an advanced course developed by Stan Grof for the in depth understanding of psychonautics. As an 18 week on-line and in person course it is comprised of readings, videos of Stan Grof teaching, group meetings by video every 2 weeks, a reflection assignment after each topic, and an experiential Grof Breathwork in person 4 day workshop where each student will have a chance to experience two holotropic breathwork sessions (the cost is not included in the above price). The Way of the Psychonaut Part A and Part B is the foundation course for Grof Legacy Training to become either a Grof Breathwork Certified Facilitator or a Grof Breathwork Facilitator with a Special Emphasis on the  Psychedelic Experience.

The Way of the Psychonaut Part A is the first foundational course for certification in Grof® Breathwork and our Psychedelic Certificate programs. It is a 9 lesson program over 18 weeks. There is also an experiential Grof® Breathwork retreat that is a requirement for the completion of this course, available in a variety of locations across the country. The 2 hour zoom classes will be on Sept 5, 19, Oct 3, 17, 31, Nov 14, 28, Dec 12, 19, 2023.


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