Waiver of responsibilities – Five Oaks retreat center

Grof Legacy Training® Release and Waiver

I, the Undersigned, have decided to participate in Grof Legacy Training events, including Grof® Breathwork (holotropic breathwork) and/or psychedelic sitter training, with full understanding of the potential risks to my health and safety, both physical and psychological. These risks include possible exposure to the Covid 19 virus or other illnesses or diseases that may easily be passed in close group settings. As a participant, support person, or facilitator of Grof® Breathwork, psychedelic experience, or any other work with holotropic or nonordinary states, I understand that I will be in close contact with other people in ways that make exposure to viruses or other illnesses more likely than in other settings.

I also understand that Grof® Breathwork (holotropic breathwork), psychedelic experience, or other modalities for working with holotropic or nonordinary states, offer the possibility of psychological healing and personal growth but that part of the process may involve challenging emotional and/or physical experiences. I have considered the possibility of physical, emotional, or psychological harm and have had the opportunity to learn about the modalities involved. I have asked any questions I wanted to ask.

With knowledge of the risks, I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Grof Legacy Training, Stanislav Grof, Brigitte Grof, and any trainers, facilitators, agents or representatives of them, as well as Five Oaks retreat center, agents or representatives of them, and waive on behalf of myself, my heirs and personal representatives, any and all claims for damage or loss that may be caused by any act or omission of any individual or organization noted above, including claims for illness, bodily or psychological injury, death, or liability for medical or psychiatric treatment, that may arise from my participation in Grof Legacy Training events, including Grof® Breathwork (holotropic breathwork), psychedelic sitter training, and working with any other modalities for experiencing holotropic or nonordinary states.